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  • PBT

    Factory Price! Virgin PBT Resin / PBT engineering granules / PBT GF30 V0 plastic material,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • PPS

    Factory Price! PPS Resin Plastic Granules, PPS GF 30% 40% 50% glass fiber,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • POM

    high quality pom factory directly sale black pom delrin plastic sheet,CNC Machining Parts,Injection Molding Parts,Plastic Sheets,Plastic Tubes,Plastic Rods

  • PS

    GPPS granular PG33 Recycled Polystyrene Resin GPPS 500 Resin/GPPS PG-383 Granule/General purpose polystyrene,Magnifier,Compass

  • PVC

    Free Sample High quality Low price Virgin PVC Granules PVC Resin PVC Raw Material Factory,Titanium Dioxide,CMC,MSG,Caustic Soda,TCCA

  • PA

    Polyamide recycled nylon pa6 natural resin scrap pellets for engineering plastics modified,PA6 Chips,Nylon6 Tyre Cord Fabric,Nylon6 Yarn and Twine

  • PET

    Different Bottle Grade 100% Virgin Pet Resin IV 0.80 PET RESIN,sap super absorbent polymer,sci sodium cocoyl isethionate,silicone release paper,hot melt adhesive glue,adl

  • TPU

    Lowest Price Best Quality high pressure and cheap tpu layflat water hose for agricultural irrigation,PVC layflat hose,NBR layflat hose,TPU layflat hose,High pressure hose,Plastic coated hose

  • PC

    high hardness CAS 25037-45-0 polycarbonate granules PC with 30% glass fiber PC resin,solvents,antifreeze,chemicals intermediates,pigment,medicine intermediate

  • ABS

    Cheap Price ABS POLYLAC PA-757 ABS pa-758 granules, chimei virgin ABS plastic granules,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • PPO

    Polyphenylene Oxide PPO Resin / PPO Granules/NORYL PPO/ PPE+PS,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • TPE

    High quality TPE thermoplastic elastomer,TPE granules Plastic Raw Material,Natural white color TPE Resin,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • SBS

    Best price SBS granules LG501 1401 LCY3501/ SBS LG 411 1301 LCY 3411/Styrene 30%-40% SBS/SEBS 7551/yh-503,film,plastic raw material,rubber,plastic package,rubber raw materials

  • HDPE

    European virgin granule virgin hdpe granule,Galvanized Wire,Wire Mesh,Nail,Galvanized Pipe,Fence Netting

  • Plastic Projects

    Sale HDPE Modular China Marine Float Pontoon for Dredging,Hydroelectric Equipment,Auto Spare Parts (Thermostat,Motorcycle,Steel product,Marine Equipment

  • HIPS

    High Impact Polystyrene Recycled Virgin HIPS,Sugar Icumsa,Pet Flakes,Cashew Nuts,Betel Nuts,Occ Scrap


    Recycled / Virgin HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Granules / HDPE Plastic,sugar,frozen chicken,poultry,icumsa 45,fresh eggs

  • Plastic Rods

    ABS/PLA filament for 3D printer 17.5/3mm filament ROHS approval,Bearing,Guide

  • Rubber Sheets

    adhesive neoprene rubber sheet fabric,Hook and Loop Products,Furniture Protector Pads,Functional Strap,Baby Safety Products

  • EVA

    Colorful EVA virgin granule for shoes sole,Shoe mould,Shoe accessories,Shoe machinery,Shoe Material,Fashion accessories

  • Plastic Masterbatches

    Plastic foam film yellow ac blowing agent masterbatch,Aluminum Oxide,Lead Monoxide,Activated Aluminum Oxide,Polyethylene Wax,Compound Stabilizer,Foam Chemical,Metallic Stearates,Biodegradable Additives,PVC Additives,Chemical Auxiliary Agents