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  • Charcoal

    Oak ,Mangrove Hardwood Charcoal Briquette ,Black Charcoal ,Black And White Lump Wood Charcoal,Fresh Fruits,Dairy Products,Grains and Nuts,Scraps,Oil

  • chicken feet

    High quality A-grade chicken feet, wings and legs,Pickleball,Sport,Furniture,Eletronic,Fishing

  • Coal

    coal processing coal and Charcoal rods extruding extruder machine,Amusement Equipment,Wood Working Machine,Coal Briquette Machine,Dryer,Metal Briquette Machine

  • flexitanks

    Flexitank/ Flexibag/ Flexi Tank/ Flexi bag in 20ft Container,Bulk Bag,PP Woven Fabric,big bags,Paper Bag,pp woven bag

  • zircon Sand

    Factory 65% zircon sand for sale,aluminium oxide,silicon carbide,walnut shell,garnet sand,abrasive paper

  • burning fuel

    glass fireplace burning gel fuel,chafing fuel,wick chafing fuel,wick fuel,gel chafing fuel,gel methanol

  • Mfg Plants

    2017 new design GreenSun self watering planter,plant pot,cheap plastic flower pot for home and garden,Flower Pot,Plastic Pot,Plastic Planter,Moulding,Injection Mould


    Dried ginger slice for direct use as snack with low sugar,Dried fruits and vegetables,Coconut,Rattan,SEAFOOD'S BY-PRODUCTS,Handicraft

  • Premium Motor Spirit

    OD63mm high torque Permanent Magnet Brushed Dc Motor 12V 24V 36V 40V 48V 60v power 50w 100w 150w 200w,DC Motor,Brushless DC Motor,Brushed DC Motor,Stepper Motor,Dc Gear Motor

  • EFB Pellet

    coconut pellet mill making efb pellets with biofuel pellet machine,pellet mill,briquette machine,chaff cutter,mushroom bagging Machine,Wood Crusher

  • Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate

    Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate from Vietnam with the best quality,Oil,food,Seafood,Spice,Fruit

  • Wind Turbines

    Best Quality Horizontal 10 kw wind turbine 10kw wind turbine generator,Solar Power System,Solar Street Light System,Solar Panel,Solar Inverter,Solar Controller

  • Water Desalination

    Low Price, Good Quality Of 1000L Ph /FRP RO Water Desalination/Purifier Plant Price/Water Treatment Plant,RO Water Treatment,Brackish Water Plant,Sea Water Treatment,UF System,Stainless Steel Tank

  • vacuum hot water chiller

    Hot vacuum press laminating machine using water cooled chiller,Water-cooled chiller,Air-cooled chiller,Oil mold temperature controller,water mold temperature controller,Cold/hot all-in-one machine

  • oil refining machine

    Waste Plastic Oil Refining Machine With High Oil Yield,Pyrolysis Plant,Distillation Plant

  • Dioctyl Phthalate

    Formosa Factory quality dop plasticizer dioctyl phthalate 99.5% for soft pvc products,chemical,petroleum machinery,power equipment,mining equipment,Daily Necessities

  • Furniture Plywood

    Tables Cabinets Furniture Color Sample Oak Solid Wood Board Plywood for building,decorative,Ecological board,Composite board,Melamine affixed panel,Joinery board


    Supply 100% Natural Top Quality Olive Leaf Extract For Health Care Product,Food Additives,Plants Extract,Pharmaceutic Adjuvant,Health Products,Milk Products

  • Bimetal Single Barrel

    PLA ABS Filament Extruder Screw Barrel/Bimetal Single Screw for Extrusion Moulding,injection single screw and barrel,extruder single screw and barrel,conical twin screw and barrel,parallel twin screw and barrel,rubber screw

  • used oil equipment

    waste motor oil re-refining equipment/used engine oil refining machine/small scale palm oil refining machinery,Block machine,oil press machine,Charcoal Machine,Briquette Machine,copper wilre recycling machine

  • Stainless Steel fastners

    Supply Precision Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Fastner,casting,forging,machining,tools,rollers